Magnani C, Ancona L, Baldassarre A, Bressan V, Cena T, Chellini E, Cuccaro F, Ferrante D, Legittimo P, Luberto F, Marinaccio A, Mattioli S, Menegozzo S, Merler E, Miligi L, Mirabelli D, Musti M, Oddone E, Pavone V, Perticaroli P, Pettinari A, Pirastu R, Ranucci A, Romeo E, Sala O, Scarnato C, Silvestri S; Gruppo di lavoro per il progetto Coorti Amianto.

Epidemiol Prev. 2016;40(1 Suppl 1):64-7.



This study aims at investigating, in asbestos exposed workers, the time trend of their risk of mesothelioma and of other neoplasm after very long latency and after the cessation of asbestos exposure. We pooled a large number of Italian cohorts of asbestos workers and updated mortality follow-up. The pool of data for statistical analyses includes 51,988 workers, of which 6,058 women: 54.2% was alive at follow-up, 42.6% was dead, and 2.8%was lost. Cause of death is known for 94.3%: 2,548 deaths from lung cancer, 748 frompleural cancer, 173 fromperitoneal cancer, and 434 from asbestosis. An exposure index is being developed to compare the different cohorts. Data analysis is in progress. This study will have the size for analysing not only time trends in mesothelioma, but also the occurrence of rarer diseases and cancer specific mortality in women.