Guzzinati S., Bovo E., Bianconi F., Mogini D., Rizzato S., Monetti D., Rosano A., Stocco C., Zorzi M., Rugge M.

GRELL Ascension Meeting

Trento, 16 -18 may 2018



Over the years the population covered by Veneto Tumour Registry (RTV) has gradually risen, and in 2017 it reached 4,700,000 residents (96% of the regional population), making it the largest tumour registry in Italy. In order to increase the availability of epidemiological data on tumours to citizens, health decision-makers and scientists, the RTV has adopted a web-based application that allows to calculate epidemiological indicators that are always up-to-date and easy to consult. The application uses archives based on the record layout of the Italian Network of Cancer Registries (AIRTUM).

The application behind the data processing is GeCO-sys OpenData ©, designed with a highly scalable architecture and developed using the most widespread Open Source technologies. Different views are implemented with data driven libraries and optimized for mobile devices. Forms for calculating rates, incidence estimates and survival were developed natively.

The portal allowed to extend the dynamic calculation of incidence, survival and prevalence to the population involved to the territorial extension of the RTV and to compute new epidemiological indicators that have been recently introduced in the AIRTUM monographs, such as conditional survival and cumulative risk. Particular attention was given to the presentation of data quality indicators.

The new application replaces and improves the functionality of the previous website, making the consultation of data simple and immediate and providing accurate levels of detail, both at the regional and at a local (i.e., Local Health Units) level. GeCO-sys OpenData enabled the RTV to provide citizens and health professionals with the data supporting the assessment of the quality of care for cancer patients. The integration with the AIRTUM record layout and the technologies adopted made this system easily applicable to the requirements of a large registry such as that of Veneto.


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