Zappa M, Carozzi FM, Giordano L, Sassatelli R, Federici A, Zorzi M, Federici A.

Epidemiol Prev. 2015 May-Jun;39(3 Suppl 1):5-8.



In this report, we present the results of cancer screening programmes in Italy for the years 2011-2012. This report is produced by the National centre for screening monitoring (ONS), together with the Italian professional multidisciplinary screening groups: GISMa (Italian group for mammographic screening), GISCor (Italian group for colorectal screening), and GISCi (Italian group for cervical screening). Since 2004, ONS has been monitoring and supporting Italian screening programmes, in accordance with a decree issued by the Ministry of Health. Multidisciplinary groups work with ONS and provide the know-how required to promote the quality of public health programmes.