The Legislative Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers n. 308/2002 assigned the epidemiological surveillance of mesothelioma cases to the National Registry of Mesotheliomas (ReNaM), established at the Department of Medicine, Epidemiology, and  Occupational and Environmental Hygiene of the INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work), which is organized as a regional network, each region having its own Regional Operating Center (COR). The identification of any new mesothelioma cases and the reconstruction of any history of exposure to asbestos is mandatory by law in Italy.

In the Veneto Region, the COR was instituted in 2001 by Regional Council Decree (Decreto della Giunta Regionale - DGR) 538/01, which defines the  center’s objectives and working methods. The COR for the Veneto Region, called the "Veneto Mesothelioma Registry", is located at the SPISAL of the ex-AULSS 16. As a consequence of DGR 14/11 and the Regional Health Plan, the Veneto Mesothelioma Registry is part of the Regional Epidemiological Service, together with other disease registries.